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Ragner Technology Corporation Begins to Market HealthEHose

Ragner Technology Corporation Begins to Market HealthEHose

Ragner-HealthehoseThis week Ragner Technology Corporation of Gainesville begins to market their new style hose for delivering potable (drinking water) to the Marine Industry for boat owners. Ragner is the owner of the original patents for the expandable/retractable hose. “The company has taken the concept into two stages after the less than stellar results of hoses from China that had some of the qualities of the Ragner products but did not prove to be substantial products,” said Gary Ragner one of the inventor team that in 2005 filed their first patent on the Pressure Actuated Linearly Retractable and Extendible Hose . “The Chinese products did, however, demonstrate that the market was ready for such a product that was designed to make using a garden hose, or any hose that carries fluids under pressure, far lighter and much easier to use and store” he continued.

The Company was actually founded in 2009 and has been hard at work developing three versions of the expanding contracting hose. The first product to be on the market will be marketed to the consumer market by Ragner’s licensee company, Tristar Products, Inc. while Ragner manufactures the Marine version of the product here is Gainesville. “We felt it was very important to manufacture a hose that is safe for the delivery of drinking water here in the USA of all American made materials,” said Margaret Combs, CEO of Ragner. “It is named the HealthEHose and a similar product with some specialty features for the RV market will be available later in the summer of 2016,” she announced. “In fact, residents of the Williston Crossing RV Park to assist in the testing of the product. Their efforts were invaluable in assuring that the RV Hose can stand up to the rigors of the continuous use that connects the RV to their water source”, Mrs. Combs acknowledged.

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