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Michael Rankin Joins Chamber as Communications Coordinator

Michael Rankin Joins Chamber as Communications Coordinator

Michael_Rankin_ChamberThe Chamber is excited to introduce our members to Michael Rankin, who recently came onboard as its Communications Coordinator. Some of you may know Michael, as he has been a fixture as a Chamber intern for more than a year and often is present at Chamber events.

“Interning here over the past year or so has taught me so much about myself and the positive role a Chamber has in shaping a community,” Michael said. “I’m lucky to be at an organization that has provided a path from “intern” to “staff member” – it’s a great testament to the uplifting culture here at the Chamber.“

Among other responsibilities including graphic design, Michael now serves as the key point of contact for the weekly eJournal. He also will focus in 2016 on streamlining communications processes. Michael is already making strong contributions to advance the Chamber mission, including recent ads that have run in the Gainesville Sun and updating the brands for Innovation Gainesville 2.0 as well as Tech Hobnob.

Michael is originally from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. In 2009, his father’s engineering career prompted his family’s move to America. After living in Tampa with his parents for three years, Michael moved to Gainesville in August, 2012, to attend the University of Florida. Since he began his education at UF, he has served as a member of the Florida Cicerones, a diverse club of more than 150 students who serve as the official UF student ambassadors and represent the university at functions throughout the year. Michael is set to graduate from the UF College of Journalism and Communications on April 29, 2016, with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations.

“Even as an intern, Michael was a tremendous asset to the Chamber and a pleasure to work with,” said the Chamber’s Communications Director Alyssa Brown. “I definitely think that Michael’s design skills and eagerness to improve Chamber communications, from process to execution, will bolster the Chamber’s efforts to advance its mission and vision in 2016.”

Michael officially started on Feb. 1. If you would like to submit a member announcement or have a question about the eJournal or other communications item, please contact him at

Why do you love Gainesville?

It’s been a great home to me these past four years I’ve been at UF. Gainesville is full of intelligent, warm people who want to help people live their passion. I love how my experience here has taken me well beyond the four walls of campus and out into the vibrant business community where I’ve been fortunate enough to have met some of the best mentors imaginable.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

My favorite thing about working at the Chamber is how fast-paced things can be – it’s how I know we’re on the cusp of making this community a truly unique business and lifestyle destination. I’m excited to be a part of the region’s global marketing launch and help tell the world about the abundant opportunities here in Greater Gainesville.

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