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ThemeWorks Expansion to Create 40 Jobs

ThemeworksOn Dec. 2, Council for Economic Outreach Chairman Todd Powell announced the expansion of ThemeWorks-a full-service fabrication company serving theme parks, zoos, acquariums, casinos, museums, architects, restaurants and movie studios. The company is expanding in response to increasing demand and a desire to better service clients’ needs. The expansion is projected to create 40 jobs.

“We are so pleased to be growing and creating new job opportunities in Alachua County, ” said ThemeWorks President Scott Gill. “Our experience in this region has been extremely positive, and we look forward to continued growth and momentum.”

With 54,000 square feet of production space and a talented and diverse group of artists and technicians, ThemeWorks creates high quality scenery, artificial rockwork, sculpture, architectural ornamentation, props, exhibits and interactives. The Chamber has helped to support the company’s expansion via hiring/job fairs, manufacturing awareness and community engagement opportunities, such as school tours in October 2015 in observation of National Manufacturing Month.

“The Transforming Greater Gainsville five-year economic development strategy emphasises our region’s need to grow our manufacturing base, and our commitment to providing that support is why companies like ThemeWorks thrive here,” said Council for Economic Outreach Chairman Todd Powell. “Today’s announcement marks a win for families in our region and advances our efforts to strengthen Greater Gainesville as a manufacturing hub.”

ThemeWorks’ regional economic impact includes jobs for 80 people, utilization of local businesses for most supplies (whenever available) and supporting local businesses.

“The creation of 40 new jobs equals 40 steps toward achieving the Chamber’s vision of Greater Gainesville as a global hub of talent, innovation and opportunity,” said Gainesille Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Susan Davenport. “We congratulate ThemeWorks on their success and look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow and create new opportunities in our region.”

ThemeWorks is involved in the community via organizations such as Five Points of Life, the Hippodrome, Give Kids the World and also contributes to an annual Thanksgiving food drive.

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