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Gainesville Manufacturers Showcase at Harn Museum Nights

Gainesville Manufacturers Showcase at Harn Museum Nights

Each month the Harn Museum of Art keeps its doors open late into the evening for their monthly Museum Nights program, which emphasizes exciting themes in the art community. This October, the theme was Art in Engineering, which provided a novel opportunity for the Gainesville Regions advanced manufacturers to present their artistically engineering products during Florida Manufacturing Month. During this event, engineering students and professors from the University of Florida are given the chance to showcase their artistic pursuits alongside their academic projects to remind the community that creativity and engineering go hand-in-hand. For the first time regional manufacturers were asked by the Chamber’s Advanced Manufacturing Council to participate in Museum Nights to showcase how art and manufacturing share common themes.

The term manufacturing tends to elicit images of unsafe factories, repetitive tasks, and dingy production lines. However, in today’s highly advanced world, manufacturing is simply a catchall term to describe businesses that make things. Gainesville’s regional manufacturers are engaged in high-tech problem solving and creative decision making, just like any artist. Four different manufacturers from the Gainesville Area exhibited at Museum Nights. Goodwin Heartpine, Fracture, Phalanx Defense Systems, and ThemeWorks pulled out all of the stops with their exhibits with many students and community members learning about these manufacturers for the first time. Between the fabricated logs used in habitat displays to the life-size model of Iron Man armor, it was obvious that Gainesville is home to some of the most inventive and interesting manufacturers. As the manufacturing displays blended seamlessly with student artwork and tech startups, it also became apparent that Gainesville is home to some of the most artistic companies. “These are amazing companies. It’s great to know such innovative manufacturers exist in the region”, said an attendee at Museum Nights.

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