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ACEC Participates in Greater Gainesville Marketing Delegation

ACEC Participates in Greater Gainesville Marketing Delegation

ACEC Logo_colorGainesville Chamber Vice President of Education and Talent Alignment Ian Fletcher and a few Alachua County Education Compact (ACEC) signers and supporters–including Mayor Doug Jones, Rose Fagler, and Kim Tesch-Vaught–traveled to Washington, D.C. last week as part of the Greater Gainesville marketing delegation. The ACEC signers and supporters met with several education-related organizations such as the United States Department of Labor (USDOL), U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) and Alliance for Excellent Education. In reciprocation, the ACEC presented it’s six goals, five focus areas and four desired outcomes.  

The group met with USDOL Deputy Assistant Secretary of Employment and Training Administration Gerri Fiala.  Fiala was excited to hear about the collaborative nature of the education compact and informed the group of the USDOL’s work-based learning for in- and out-of-school youth, such as:

  •      Paid work experience
  •      Paid internships
  •      On-the-job training
  •      Registered apprenticeships

The group also met with representatives from the Alliance for Excellent Education — Monica Almond, Policy & Advocacy Associate and Gainesville native Rachel Bird Niebling, Senior Policy and Advocacy Associate. Niebling graduated from Buchholtz High School. The Alliance for Excellent Education is a federal advocacy organization. The Alliance works to:

  •      Amplify things that are working in high schools around the nation
  •      Support digital learning and the use of technology in the classroom
  •      Support deeper learning (21st century skills)

To complement the information exchange related to education, the group met with Jamienne S. Studley, Deputy Under Secretary of the United States Department of Education (USDOE) Office of the Under Secretary and a host of staff members from various division, including the chief of staff of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics, deputy director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, staff assistant of the Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education and local public engagement officer and senior policy analyst of the Office of the Under Secretary. To ensure equal access to a complete and affordable quality education that prepares students for college and life, the USDOE focuses on:

  •      Student financial aid
  •      Career technical education
  •      Career pathways
  •      Title II for adult education

The ACEC goals, focal areas and outcomes align with the USDOE focal areas and looks to work with the USDOE on various programs, such as applying for a Performance Partnership Pilot (P3) grant, marketing available career pathways collateral, and sharing resources for adult learners. The ACEC continues to continues to garner national attention and create new opportunities to tell Greater Gainesville’s story of talent pipeline innovation. Click here to learn more information about the Alachua County Education Compact.

ACEC Goals:

All students…

  • Graduate from high school
  • Have access to and be prepared for college and/or career success
  • Have access to pathways to sustainable jobs and careers
  • Develop an appreciation for the arts
  • Develop healthy lifestyle habits
  • Develop a sense of social responsibility

ACEC Focus Areas:

  • K-12 Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Parent Academy
  • Higher Education
  • Workforce Development

ACEC Desired Outcomes:

  • Improve school readiness rates
  • Increase high school graduation rates
  • Increase access to postsecondary credentials
  • Create an aligned and productive workforce
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