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High Springs Talks Economic Development

High Springs Talks Economic Development

IMG_0426During an Economic Development Forum led by High Springs City Manager Ed Booth, the city’s local and regional leaders and residents explored the city’s economic development needs and possibilities.

After discussing major Fiscal Year 2015-2016 projects, the group engaged in a deep discussion geared toward identifying local, marketable assets. Led by the Gainesville Area Chamber’s Interim President/CEO Susan Davenport the group explored assets, both widely known—including the area’s prime scuba diving waters and caves—as well as the little known, such as the numerous turtle species that make the area a focal area for UF’s terrapin research. The group also discussed both upcoming and needed downtown improvements, aiming to keep the area clean, up-to-date and welcoming to travelers.

Davenport also shared with the group the way the assets of Gainesville and surrounding cities are currently presented when summarizing the region’s strengths. She also talked a bit about the Transforming Greater Gainesville strategy, which will include High Springs as well as the other nine municipalities in Alachua County, in marketing our region across the globe.

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