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Business and Economic Growth Task Force Members Appointed

Business and Economic Growth Task Force Members Appointed

DSC_0244The Alachua County Commission recently voted 5-0 to appoint 11 members to the Business and Economic Growth Task Force. Of the 11 members, three are former Gainesville Area Chamber Board Chairs (Mitch Glaeser, Robert Woody, and Kinnon Thomas). The sitting Chamber Board Chair (or designee) is an automatic member and 10 at-large citizens were appointed, two by each commissioner.  Collectively, the sitting Chamber Board Chair (or designee) and the three former Chamber Chairs represent 36% of the panel.

Appointments by Commissioner are below:

  1. Gainesville Area Chamber Board Chair (or designee)
  2. Robert Woody (Chestnut)
  3. Ishmael Rentz (Chestnut)
  4. Kinnon Thomas (Hutchinson)
  5. Adrian Hayes-Santos (Hutchinson)
  6. Karl Anderson (Cornell)
  7. Andy Sherrard (Cornell)
  8. Mitch Glaeser (Pinkoson)
  9. Denise Hudson (Pinkoson)
  10. Archer Mayor Doug Jones (Byerly)
  11. Svein Dyrkolbotn (Byerly)

The Task Force will schedule quarterly regular meetings and sunset in one year (August 2016).  The final approved resolution creating the panel can be accessed here:

This task force creates an opportunity to promote a better business climate in the county.

On September 22, County staff are scheduled to present the first status report on implementation of the 48 recommendations.

The recommendations that led to the task force have their roots in an April 2014 Business and Economic Growth Workshop consisting of business growth and economic development discussion.

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