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3 Weeks Left to Register for the “Must Attend” Two-Day Intensive IT Bootcamp on August 22-23

3 Weeks Left to Register for the “Must Attend” Two-Day Intensive IT Bootcamp on August 22-23

World-renowned technology consultant Nelly Yusupova (DigitalWoman), creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, comes to Gainesville, FL to teach ways to execute tech projects effectively, on time and on budget

2015TechSpeak-DblSidedGvilleFlierAfter hearing tech horror stories at speaking engagements from entrepreneurs around the world, The Wall Street Journal’s “Woman on the IT Fast Track” Nelly Yusupova (DigitalWoman), chief technology officer of Webgrrls International, created TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs to teach business owners the skills they need to become more capable, confident and competent in a short period of time.

TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs Two-Day Bootcamp teaches the entire development process to empower non-technical entrepreneurs and management professionals to communicate effectively with their development team, quickly spot red flags and minimize the damage of mistakes. Each workshop is designed to save you money, possibly up to $72,000.

TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs is coming to Gainesville, FL on August 22nd – 23rd 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. and will be held at the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce, 300 East University Ave. This two-day bootcamp, which features hands on, practical and tactical workshops, taught by world-renowned technology expert Nelly Yusupova is hosted by the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce and the Gainesville Dev Academy.

Do you have questions about this bootcamp, such as…?

Who is TechSpeak for?

You should attend, if you

  • Are an entrepreneur, founder, investor, executive, project manager, designer and even a developer
  • Need to become more familiar with the latest processes of building web and mobile applications
  • Would like to outsource your development
  • Would like to communicate more effectively with your tech team
  • Are building the team and culture in your startup
  • Are managing technology projects and need to get them delivered on time and on budget

What topics will Nelly cover during TechSpeak?

At this two-day intensive bootcamp, you will learn:

  • How to validate product ideas before building them
  • How to implement lean and agile practices into your company culture
  • How to hire the right tech professionals
  • How to deliver your project on time and on budget
  • And much more

Why TechSpeak?

Attending TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs will empower you with the tools and knowledge needed to minimize the costs of technology errors and keep your tech projects running effectively, on time and on budget – all for a one-time fee.

What do others say about TechSpeak?

  • Dynamic Business Growth President Rochelle Lisner says, “An evening spent with Nelly […] is the best investment in time and money. She will reduce your learning curve and boost your confidence in taking on the ever-changing world of technology. Nelly is a gift to all learning to navigate and improve their technical skills.”
  • YappGuru Founder Mai Ling Chan says, “This is a fantastic resource for tech entrepreneurs at ANY stage of development. Unexpected, revolutionary and empowering system to truly take control of the development process and ultimately save valuable time and money.”

Do you have more questions for Nelly? If yes, email by Friday and Nelly will answer your questions in next week’s issue of the Chamber’s e-Journal.

Tickets are currently on sale and available on a first come, first served basis. First 15 attendees to register will save $200 on early bird ticket price. Bootcamp capacity is capped at 40 seats. DO NOT WAIT, REGISTER TODAY!

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