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Member Profile: 160over90 Wraps Bo Diddley Plaza in Colorful Conversation

Member Profile: 160over90 Wraps Bo Diddley Plaza in Colorful Conversation

DSC_0018“Your heart is still here.”

“This isn’t a break-up. We’re just on a break.”

“Your nose ain’t afraid of the grindstone.”

If you’ve driven by Bo Diddley Plaza in the last couple of months, you probably have noticed the entire block is wrapped in colorful and witty banter spoken directly to the citizens of Gainesville. What you may not know is that the wrap was designed to do more than cloak unsightly construction. 160over90, a local advertising and public relations firm, designed the wrap to create anticipation for what’s to come after construction in a way that mirrors what the firm itself was founded to do: produce work that evokes human reactions with exponential effects.

“160over90 worked with the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency to design construction fencing that reflects Bo Diddley’s place as the heart and soul of Downtown Gainesville,” said Greg Ash, Creative Director. “You can feel that presence on a Friday night during a summer concert, and we wanted to evoke that feeling in people as they walk by, even in the midst of change.”

The four-block banner took three weeks and four 160over90 team members to produce. The resulting creative execution plays up Gainesville as a city with a heart, and celebrates all of the people who share in it — every business owner, student, public official, community leader and citizen.


Identifying Gainesville’s personality and unique qualities came naturally to the 160over90 team.

“Our perspective as outsiders was helpful,” said Ash, who moved here in 2013 to oversee the opening of the Gainesville office of 160over90, which also has locations in Philadelphia and in Newport Beach, CA. “We could immediately see and gravitate toward the things that make Gainesville interesting and charming. All the reasons we chose Gainesville as the perfect place to open our third office.”

In fact, charm and interest were the driving forces behind the decision of the firms’ owners, Shannon Slusher and Darryl Cilli, to locate downtown.

“The partners walked around downtown and fell in love with the modern exterior of our building and its downtown location,” said Ash. The rest, as they say, is a rather serendipitous history catalyzed by Slusher and Cilli being in the right place at the right time. “They walked in to ask about the building, and it just so happened that it was available.”

160over90 became Gainesville Area Chamber members in September 2013, even before the agency’s expansion—which projects 35 new jobs and $500,000 in capital investment within three years—was publicly announced statewide by Governor Rick Scott.

“In a town like Gainesville, it is important to visibly contribute to the business community, and the Chamber is the best way to make that contribution and be an active part of the conversation about where the future is going,” said Ash.

Until the downtown renovation is complete, a fun and colorful part of the conversation about Gainesville’s future is wrapped around Bo Diddley Plaza, written by a business that has woven itself into the creative fabric of the community.

“As people are walking around downtown, we want them to see the wrap, talk about it, and feel as proud to live here as we do,” Ash said.

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