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Improving Alachua County’s Business Climate: Infrastructure and Quality of Life

Improving Alachua County’s Business Climate: Infrastructure and Quality of Life

businessandeconomicgrowthdocument-1Infrastructure and quality of life impact the business climate.

The Gainesville Area Chamber, Alachua County Commission and County Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) have collaborated over the past year to improve the business climate in Alachua County.

Nearly 50 recommendations stemming from this cooperative effort were unanimously approved by the Alachua County Commission in March 2015.

Approximately 20% of the recommendations involve infrastructure and quality of life and are outlined below:


1. Continue to seek opportunities for state and federal funding for County transportation projects.


  1. Promote the development of the Alachua County Resource Recovery Park by applying for shovel ready site certification to attract light and advanced manufacturing in the recycling industry into the region.


  1. Promote the development of the Alachua County Fairgrounds into a mixed-use business center.


  1. Identify and add available land, buildings and site ready locations for expansion in the region to Enterprise Florida sites building database.


  1. Work with local governments, educational institutions, and private providers of Internet services to improve the speed and reliability of broadband Internet, and to expand its availability to the entire community in recognition that an innovation economy and government programs require this basic infrastructure. Research approaches to expand broadband Internet service and provide recommendations to the BoCC.


  1. Identify and fund capital investment projects that support economic development in the Plan East Gainesville planning area including infrastructure and streetscape improvements.


Quality of Life:

7. Continue to support policies and regulations that promote Transit Oriented and Traditional Neighborhood Developments in order to create communities that are in alignment with future trends as well as being fiscally sound. Recommend code revisions to the BoCC as needed.

  1. Promote healthy communities that promote physical activity with complete streets that include bicycle/pedestrian connectivity by ensuring that standards of street network standards and connectivity are met for new development and redevelopment.
  1. Implement Tourist Development Strategic Plan to promote the use of area parks and preserves, and eco-tourism destinations located in the region.
  1. Continue to promote image of Alachua County as a “green” community in order to attract innovating businesses that value quality of life for their employees.

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