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Improving Alachua County’s Business Climate: Development Approval Process

Improving Alachua County’s Business Climate: Development Approval Process

businessandeconomicgrowthdocument-1The Gainesville Area Chamber, Alachua County Commission and County Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) have worked together over the past year to set a course for improving the county’s business climate.

Insight garnered from an April 2014 town hall meeting with business and government leaders, and the public at-large, led to the development of 48 recommendations to promote business growth and economic development in unincorporated Alachua County.

The County Commission adopted the recommendations in March 2015 and will review a resolution in the coming weeks creating a Task Force to oversee implementation of the recommendations.

This and upcoming articles will take a look at the 48 business climate improvement recommendations.

Seven recommendations were adopted to improve the development approval process and are outlined below:

  1. Maintain efficient and predictable timelines for development review. Review opportunities to streamline approval processes for development review and land/use and zoning.
  2. Include project status information for development plan review, zoning and land use applications on County website.
  3. Provide shorter lead times in the scheduling of pre-application conferences for proposed new development review projects.
  4. Develop system using in-house resources to apply online/electronically for: pre-application screening, building permits, development plan review.
  5. Utility Plan Review Process – Coordinate initial meeting with GRU and other utility providers to improve coordination of plan review and approval. Determine if changes can be made to lessen conflicts with landscaping.
  6. In order to encourage redevelopment of previously developed sites, review redevelopment standards/regulations and adopt code revisions as needed in order to streamline redevelopment process.
  7. Implement a fast track development review process with specific review times for targeted projects such as redevelopment in the Urban Cluster and development in East Gainesville.

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