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Alachua County Education Compact in the News

Alachua County Education Compact in the News

education compact signing featureFlorida College Access Network: Alachua County Leaders Announce Education Compact to Improve Student Success, Economic Opportunities

In an announcement three years in the making, an impressive group of community leaders in Alachua County have launched a new effort aimed at better preparing students for life after high school.

The collaborative, called the Alachua County Education Compact, seeks to mobilize the community and facilitate connections between existing efforts to strengthen the talent pipeline between schools, postsecondary institutions and businesses. Leaders in attendance of the launch event were enthusiastic about the future implications of the work.

“The Alachua County Education Compact signals our community’s commitment to outcomes now and over the long term that will measurably benefit our kids,” Gainesville Area Chamber President and CEO Tim Giuliani said at the event. Read more

Gainesville Sun: Karen Cole-Smith, Simon Johnson, Verna Johnson, Doris Welcome, Linda Butler, Veita Carter, and Curtis Peterson: Get behind the compact

Access, equity and opportunity can only occur when we consider education one of our top priorities. As longtime educators, it was a historic moment when more than 20 leaders signed the Alachua County Education Compact last month.

These individuals, which included small business owners, corporate executives, our school superintendent and the presidents of our institutions for higher learning, stood side-by-side and pledged a commitment to expand education, job readiness and career opportunities for young people in Alachua County.

Aligning education with workforce needs is their priority. We are thrilled they’re taking this approach to shape the future of our local and regional economy.

An educated population is the core of a strong community. Through this initiative, we are expecting the Education Compact signees to work together to guide young people down a path that ensures their success, and ultimately leads toward the prosperity of Alachua County as a whole. Read more

The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Annual Education Solutions Summit

The Florida Chamber Foundation held its annual Education Solutions Summit last Tuesday in Tampa, Florida. The Education Solutions Summit convenes Florida stakeholders and institutions around education and offers ways to improve our state’s education system to transform today’s learners into tomorrow’s earners.

See how Florida’s education reforms are working – closing the achievement gap between students and producing graduates who are better prepared to enter the workforce.

“Because when Florida’s education system wins, Florida wins.”

State leaders– include K-12 Public Schools Chancellor Hershel Lyons, Lumina Foundation’s State Higher Education Policy Consultant Nicole Washington and Florida College Access Network’s Executive Director Laurie Meggesin. referenced the Alachua County Education Compact as a leading cradle-to-career model for communities within the state to replicate. Speakers who referenced the Compact News of the Alachua County Education Compact continues to circulate around the state.

For more information about the Florida Chamber Foundation’s annual Education Solutions Summit, click here.

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