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Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Executive Departure

Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Announces Executive Departure

Feature photo credit: Gainesville Magazine

Tim Giuliani headshot FINALGainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Board Chairman John Carlson announced last week that Chamber CEO Tim Giuliani has resigned. Giuliani was chosen by the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce to be its President and CEO, succeeding Harvey Schmitt, who is retiring after 21 years. Vice President of Economic Development Susan Davenport will serve as the Chamber’s Interim CEO after Giuliani’s departure, which will happen no later than the end of July.

“I am so excited at the opportunity to lead a Chamber in Greater Raleigh, a region that shares many of the great qualities that drew me to Greater Gainesville,” said Giuliani. “Greater Gainesville will always be special to me, and I look forward to staying in touch and watching the ongoing transformation of this incredible region from afar. I am very proud to have had the chance to play such a significant role in growing opportunity for Greater Gainesville.”

Since Giuliani joined the Gainesville Area Chamber in 2012 as CEO (after separately serving in 2006 as its membership director), the Chamber has announced more than 750 new jobs and more than $400 million in new capital investment. Also under his leadership, the Chamber has made great public policy strides, including the approval by both city and county government leaders of nearly 80 recommendations aiming to improve the area’s business climate, and more than $1 million in utility ratepayer savings achieved through the implementation of Chamber-recommended measures.

Susan DavenportChairman Carlson said, “I have worked intimately with Tim Giuliani since he came onboard as the Chamber’s CEO in 2012. During that time, I have watched Tim advance the organization’s service to its members and prioritize the economic prosperity and overall progress of the community at-large. Though we are sorry to see Tim go, he leaves in place a strong strategy and a talented team that together will continue to drive Greater Gainesville toward a future of unprecedented talent, innovation and opportunity. The Chamber won’t skip a beat in executing on its promise to transform Greater Gainesville. On behalf of the Gainesville Area Chamber’s Board of Directors, I wish Tim and his family the very best as they begin a new chapter.”

Davenport leads the Chamber’s $6 million, five-year “Transforming Greater Gainesville” campaign. Prior to joining the Chamber in 2013, Davenport served the Austin Chamber of Commerce as its senior vice president of global technology strategies and created its business retention and expansion program. Davenport also led the Austin Chamber’s efforts to develop the Greater Austin Partnership.

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