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Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC Acquires DutySmith

Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC Acquires DutySmith

Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC, a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of body armor, protective systems and defense products has finalized the acquisition of DutySmith, creators of innovative solutions in the areas of duty gear configuration and deployment with the goal of enhancing the health, safety and well-being of officers around the world.

“We are very fortunate that the opportunity to incorporate DutySmith into the Phalanx family presented itself just as our other firearms accessory products are taking off nationally” said James Coats, CEO, Applied Sciences of Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC, “The innovation and design put into the SpeedSet™ and StreetForce™ Rapid Deployment Gear is in keeping with the high standards we demand in our own designs.”

SpeedSet™, by DutySmith, is a duty belt system designed to alleviate pinching, bruising, irritation and pain caused by traditional duty belts, without compromising strength or performance. The system allows accessories to lock-on to the belt without the use of loops ensuring superb fit, comfort and many health benefits.

StreetForce™, Rapid Deployment Gear by DutySmith, focuses on gear deployment capability improvements. The system incorporates features such as spring-loaded flaps that open and stay out of the way of gear deployment, raised Sure-Grip finger tabs for faster indexing, and extra deep side cutouts for secure gripping.

“With this acquisition Phalanx will be able to accelerate our development plans in the duty gear segment, addressing the challenges officers have in carrying and deploying gear in an ever increasingly hostile environment.” shared Mr. Coats.

Agencies and units can find SpeedSet™ and StreetForce™ Rapid Deployment Gear through an existing network of dealers across the United States. Opportunities exist for additional Law Enforcement distributors and we encourage them to contact us using the DutySmith or Phalanx Defense Systems websites (;

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