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Enjoy Chamber Member Discount for Upcoming Leadercast

Enjoy Chamber Member Discount for Upcoming Leadercast

leadercast flyerThe Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce invites you to join us in attending the fifth annual Leadercast Gainesville hosted by Advantage Media Promotions on Friday May 8.   Our desire is to bring strong leadership training and development to our members to help you and your teams thrive in our community. Leadercast has proven year after year to provide world-renowned speakers at an affordable cost without all the travel expenses while still being focused on helping our business community to make connections to encourage people to buy locally.

This year’s theme is “The Brave Ones.” The Brave Ones are people who exist across all industries, societies and at every level of leadership. They lead fearlessly, stand out from the crowd and exemplify what it means to be courageous.

Leadercast Gainesville Sessions:
Session 1:  Brave Ones Lead with Boldness
The Brave Ones (Andy Stanley)
Bold Dreams, Big Ideas (Bill McDermott Interview)
Bravery Under Fire (Rorke Denver)

Session 2:  Brave Ones Persevere Despite Circumstances
Boldness in the Midst of Uncertainty (Speaker to be Named)
Courageous at All Costs (Malala Yousafzai)

Session 3:  Brave Ones Create the Future
Be Bold, Be Different, Get Noticed (Seth Godin)
Creativity + Bravery = Innovation (Ed Catmull)
Ed & Seth Interview

Session 4:  Brave Ones Transform Culture
Positive Change Requires Extreme Boldness (Aja Brown)
Brave Leadership (Rudy Giuliani)

The Chamber has secured a group discount for all Chamber members from now through April 30. Just use code BraveChamber10 to save $10 for every ticket you purchase under General Registration.   You and your team can register online at Leadercast Gainesville.

In addition, Junior Achievement is sponsoring the High School student event this year.   Children are 30% of our population and 70% of our future. If your business would like to help a student attend, students receive a discounted ticket for only $75. Your business can sponsor one or more students for $50 each and the student will pay the remaining $25. For information on how to sponsor a student, click here or email Advantage Media Promotions.   For more information or to register visit Leadercast Gainesville or call 352-577-LEAD.

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