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Training and Seminars

Training and Seminars

To create a robust schedule of targeted training & development events to support the local entrepreneurship and innovation community; and establish Gainesville as a prime location for national and international symposiums/conferences for our target market.

Plan Elements


  • Short-term: Identify key organizations in the Gainesville area that currently utilize/deliver training and development services. Survey these groups to identify current and future training needs and identify possible conferences/symposia to attract to Gainesville
  • Medium-term: Create a highly coordinated and well communicated calendar of training and development offerings that are targeted to specific needs of the local innovation and entrepreneurship committee.
  • Long-term: Create a vibrant learning community for local entrepreneurs and innovators and establish Gainesville as a leading destination for holding world-class seminars, symposiums and conferences on innovation.

Organizational Home/Plan Champions

  • Home: Chamber
  • Champions: Chamber, Business, UF, SFC

Resource Requirements

  • Leadership: Need for single Point of Contact  for coordinating and clearly communicating all of the various training, workshop, seminar, symposium and conference events offered in the community (currently not well coordinated)
  • Infrastructure: A high-tech conference/convention center and better transportation options for local airports

Assessment Criteria


    • T&D satisfaction levels among the target market
    • Number of new Target Market people attracted to the area
    • Number of new targeted symposiums/conferences brought to the area

      Investment Requirement: Medium to High (depending on identified infrastructure needs; some time needs to be invested in coordinating existing programs)

      Impacts: High

      Readiness: Low to Medium

      Implementation Timeline: Near-term to Long-term

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